The advantages and possible side effects of sedation dentistry

The advantages and possible side effects of sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry has become more popular than ever with  dentists and patients alike. Here’s why:

  • No more anxiety: With sedation dentistry, dentists are able to use safe, effective oral or IV medication to help patients who are nervous or fearful of dental treatment. This makes it easier to do the best job possible on a patient’s mouth while giving patients a calm, relaxing and pain-free experience.
  • No need for deep sedation: While these sedatives will ensure that you don’t feel any pain, they don’t actually make you fall asleep, so you will be awake and responsive to any instructions or queries from your dentist. This makes the dentist’s job easier and makes your recovery time faster.
  • You won’t remember your treatment: While some patients remember parts of their treatment, most patients feel as though they were peacefully asleep the whole time.
  • Better oral health: Due to the calm, relaxing and often forgettable experience of sedation dentistry, fearful patients feel more confident about having dental procedures they otherwise would have avoided. Even if you are the most anxious patient, you will easily be able to visit your dentist and get all the oral health support you need to keep your teeth functional, attractive, and healthy.

Side effects of sedation dentistry

The medications used in sedation dentistry are very safe – although no medication is entirely risk-free. Most dentists use benzodiazepines, which have very few side effects and do not contain any addictive substances.

On very rare occasions, this medication may interact badly with other medications in your system or with any health conditions you may have, so be sure to fully answer all the questions your dentist will ask you.

Although the sedatives that will be used are generally of light to moderate strength, you should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery for 24 hours after your treatment and will need a friend or family member to take you home.

If you’d like to find out more about sedation dentistry, please contact us at Dr. Keith Phillip’s dental practice. We are located in Tacoma and offer a wide selection of prosthodontic services.

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