Tooth Bonding

Restore Your Beautiful Teeth

Tooth Bonding for function and esthetics

Dr. Keith Phillips is a leading cosmetic dentist experienced in tooth bonding. We are proud of our long history of service in dentistry and our many satisfied patients.

Tooth bonding is often a great option to restore function and esthetic appeal to a broken or decayed tooth. This process makes use of tooth-colored materials which replace the missing tooth structure and hide unsightly defects.

Bonding with Composite Resins

The first step in a bonding procedure is to apply an etching solution to the tooth. Next, we apply composite resin material blended to match the color of your natural teeth, carefully contouring the material for a natural look. This composite resin material contains a mixture of plastic and glass, making it a great option since it is strong and translucent. Once applied, a curing light hardens the composite resin.

Our passion for our industry is self-evident in every area of our dental practice. If you would like to explore this treatment course or want more information on tooth bonding, then Distinctive Dentistry for an appointment.

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