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Dental implants from a leading prosthodonist for Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Puyallup, and surrounding communities

Dental implants are one of the most modern and effective ways of replacing missing teeth, a procedure that is quickly gaining in popularity. At our cosmetic and general dentistry practice, our prosthodonist Dr. Keith Phillips is extensively qualified in this procedure, having undergone advanced training and gaining years of experience in the field.

When is a dental implant required?

A dental implant is recommended when a patient has missing teeth or has teeth too badly damaged to be restored using other treatments. The implants are permanently anchored into the jawbone, giving patients a strong, long-lasting solution that looks and behaves like natural teeth.

What is the dental implant procedure?

This procedure occurs in two stages. After being evaluated by our prosthodonist and placed under appropriate sedation, titanium implants will be surgically inserted into your jawbone. While this is a surgical procedure, most patients report little to no discomfort after the surgery or during the healing process.

After a set amount of time in which your gums heal and your implant bonds with the jawbone, you will undergo the second stage of the treatment process. Your custom made artificial teeth, known as dental crowns, will be permanently fixed onto the implants, fully restoring your smile.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

This procedure has many advantages over other cosmetic dentistry treatments, including:

• Longevity: The materials used to create the implants are incredibly strong, more so than natural teeth. This makes them impervious to decay and should, with care, last a lifetime.
• Bone preservation: Without the natural tooth, the jawbone loses density and weakens. This affects oral health as well as the patient’s facial structure. With an implant, the actions of a natural tooth are perfectly mimicked, keeping the jawbone healthy and strong.
• Low maintenance: While dental implants do require slightly different care to natural teeth, they are a very low maintenance tooth replacement option when compared to bridges and dentures.
• Improved speaking, eating and comfort: Dental implants feel and act the same way as your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, there is no risk of slipping while eating or speaking and no discomfort with regards to the fit. In addition, implants are very strong, allowing you to eat many foods that would not be recommended for patients wearing dentures or with bridgework.
• Natural look: Dental implants are indistinguishable from your natural teeth, as the crowns are custom made to match the shape, color and size of the rest of your teeth.

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