How to Register for Your Patient Account

How to Register for Your Patient Account


Please use this “how to” guide to help navigate registering for your patient account. If you have any questions, please contact our office by phone or contact us.


Step 1



Click the “Update” button in the email or the link sent via text. You will then be automatically prompted to create a password for your account.


Step 2



Once you log in with your email and set a password, you will be prompted to select which family member you are filling a form out for. You can also add a family member if needed.


Step 3


On your homepage you will see the forms that have been sent to you from Distinctive Dentistry. Please fill out and sign forms that need to be updated.  Make sure to fill out any necessary paperwork in the Office Forms section.


Step 4



When filling out your medical or dental history forms, please make sure to answer “YES” or “NO” to all questions before moving forward. Above are examples of how each question should look after answering either “yes” or “no”.


Step 5


Please make sure to include all medications. As seen above, by typing in your medication the system will prompt you with choices. Please click the correct medication and include the dosage and purpose for taking it.


Step 6


When you are done with the medical history please sign and click the “Finish” button.


Step 7

For all forms, please make sure to either hit “Finish” or “Sign and Continue” once the form is completed. This sends the forms to our office and automatically updates your patient account. There is no need to submit or email the forms.


Step 8

After completing your forms, your home screen will look as above, with checkmarks next to each form indicating completion.

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