Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral Scanners: A Perfect Fit

Intraoral scanners are a digital image assessment tool used to reproduce an accurate record of a patient’s mouth. These images are used to create dental fixtures and fittings such as retainers, invisible braces, crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants.

How it Works:

The wand of an intraoral scanner shines a light inside the patient’s mouth. An attached camera and software program capture all the details and dental features of the mouth, which then appear on a computer screen.

With precise digital data, intraoral scanners have proven to be far more accurate and useful than traditional dental impressions made of alginate or polyvinylsiloxane. In fact, intraoral scanners have virtually eliminated the messy horseshoe-shaped “impression tray” from the dental practice. Most patients love the new technology and appreciate that it doesn’t use trays full of goop!

With the more effective intraoral scanner technology, oral appliances now almost always fit perfectly, without the need for extra fittings.

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