Washington dental services now offer oral cancer detection

Washington dental services now offer oral cancer detection


Distinctive Dentistry now offers oral cancer detection in Washington. Your dentist and hygienists will perform an oral exam during your routine dental visit to screen for oral cancer. Early detection of the cancer gives you a far greater chance for a complete recovery. During the oral exam, your dentist will look for white or red patches, sores or mouth sores.

Some red or white patches may look normal, but a trained hygienist and/or dentist will know what clues or signs to look for with oral cancer, autoimmune diseases or normal oral biology. It is important to have oral cancer detection screenings performed by an experienced dentist who can run a biopsy should the need arise.

Who Should Consider Frequent Oral Cancer Detection Screenings?

As a rule every dental patient should have at least two oral cancer detection screenings annually, but some other patients are more at risk of mouth cancer and should get more regular checkups. Patients with a higher risk of oral cancer will be more likely to benefit from this screening.

Factors that can increase the risk of oral cancer include:

  • If you use tobacco of any kind, including cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes and snuff, among other types of tobacco use.
  • Previous oral cancer diagnosis
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Consistent sun exposure to the lip area without sunscreen protection

Your experienced dentist and hygienists at Distinctive Dentistry will perform an oral cancer detection screening at each cleaning appointment. There are ways you can actively go about reducing your risk of oral cancer such as cutting down on smoking and applying lip balm or chapstick with sunscreen.

At Distinctive Dentistry we always go out of our way to provide our valued patients with the very best dentistry experience available. Contact Distinctive Dentistry to learn more about our oral cancer detection services in Washington today.

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