April is oral cancer screening month! Find out about preventative measures, risk factors and treatment

April is oral cancer screening month! Find out about preventative measures, risk factors and treatment


It’s nearly April, which means that our team in Tacoma is gearing up for oral cancer screening month. Our staff gets fired up for this month, because they genuinely believe prevention is better than cure. With increased awareness about the threats that oral cancer can bring, we have the chance to save more people through early detection.

Before you read on and find out more, ask yourself this – do you even know how oral cancer manifests? Would you be able to identify early warning signs on your own? When last did your dentist give you a thorough examination specifically to find signs of cancer? The fact is the majority of people do not know what oral cancer is, meaning they are at risk. This article will help you understand what you need to know as we enter oral cancer screening month.

How to prevent oral cancer

The very nature of the disease means that in some cases, cancer cannot be avoided. However, there are a number of basic steps you can take in order to give yourself a better chance. We are here to make sure that you are educated.

The best way to overcome the risks of oral cancer is to visit a dentist at least once a year. A dentist, like the ones we have on our staff, will be able to recognize the early signs of cancer and help you to maintain your overall oral health. Just like maintaining a healthy body, your mouth needs support to avoid disease.

The second tip is have more than one person checking for oral cancer. Here at Distinctive Dentistry, our hygienists are educated and trained to also check for oral cancer at each and every visit. The team effort between our dentists and our hygienist can help to ensure that every aspect is analyzed.

Lastly, you need to listen to the advice your dentist gives you. As kids we were all told to brush twice a day and floss, but as we age, so do the needs of our mouths. Dental advice is there to ensure you have fewer dental problems in later years. Our patients can attest to that – and they know what they’re talking about!

Be sure to contact us to get screened in April. You never know – perhaps your visit will draw attention to another area we can help you with.

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