The All-on-4 process: Is it viable, long term?

The All-on-4 process: Is it viable, long term?

The All-on-4 procedure is revolutionizing the world of modern dentistry, and proven success rates are a leading reason. The procedure involves the replacement of either one or both arches of teeth – the row of teeth in your top or bottom jaw – so that a fixed denture can be placed. This new set of teeth, anchored permanently in place through four medical grade titanium dental implants, is an affordable, functional, natural-looking, and long-term solution.

A study by leading researchers at the Malo Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal, followed 245 All-on-4 patients over a 5-year period. According to the study, published in the March, 2011 Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), the patients all had missing teeth and/or “hopeless teeth, in need of fixed implant restorations.”

With four implants per patient, the total number of implants placed was 980. The implant-related success rate was 98.1% after 5 years. Those results changed only slightly after 10 years. The prostheses’ (denture) success rate was 99.2%. This research certainly supports the experience we have seen in our practice. Best  of all, this one-day procedure is done at a fraction of the cost of traditional implant therapies.

With over 25 years as a dental implant specialist and researcher, I still have one goal: to restore patients’ smiles so that they not only look great, but they are also able to lead a healthier life as a result of optimal dental treatment.  This includes understanding the complexities of accurate implant placement, the importance of using high-quality implant systems with documented success rates, and most of all – involving the patient as an active partner in his/her treatment.

All-on-4:  effective, long-lasting, affordable results.

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