Why dental implants are a healthy choice

Why dental implants are a healthy choice


While no procedure is 100% risk-free, dental implants have been found to be a very safe and healthy tooth replacement choice.

Having been around in modern dentistry since the 1980s, it has been estimated over 7 million implant procedures have been performed globally. As technology has advanced,  this solution has become more refined and more accessible to dental patients. In the USA, this procedure reportedly has a 98% success rate and more and more people are choosing implants to replace single or multiple missing teeth.

Dental implants are attached directly to your jawbone, fusing there permanently. This brings considerable health benefits as your teeth are able to chew the same tough/hard foods healthy teeth would, so you do not have to compromise your diet. This natural action simulates the pressure natural teeth would have on the jawbone, keeping it healthy and preventing the bone loss commonly experienced with bridges and dentures.

Your implants will also be more durable than normal teeth – resistant to cavities and decay – a considerable health benefit. While they do require regular, gentle brushing and care, especially around the gums, you won’t have to experience root canal or get a filling.

Dental implants also help to keep the rest of your teeth in good health. Unlike bridges, where healthy teeth have to be cut down to fit the false teeth, dental implants don’t impact the teeth around them. This means you don’t need to make healthy teeth suffer to replace unhealthy ones. Without dental implants, your remaining teeth can move to fill the gaps where tooth loss has occurred, often unevenly. Your implants will keep the rest of your teeth where they should be and preserve a comfortable, natural bite.

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