Why you need a customized mouth guard

Why you need a customized mouth guard


Custom MouthguardsWhen it comes to custom fitted mouth guards in Washington, Distinctive Dentistry offers the best protection at a great price. We are currently running a special where we will examine your mouth and take an impression that will be used to create a custom mouth guard that will protect your teeth during sports activity.

The initial exam and mouth guard is valued at $230, but in support of local high school students and their athletics, we are offering this for only $49 (for a limited time only). What makes our mouth guards unique is the fact we use a pressurized mold, created to fit your jaw and teeth shape perfectly, to ensure accuracy and superior protection.

In contrast to traditional ‘boil and bite’ methods of creating mouth guards, our team of dentists use technology that ensures a precise fit for your bite and mouth and also offers a number of benefits such as increased strength, increased endurance, superior fit and comfort well as the ultimate protection.

If you (or your child) play sports, it is in your best interest to invest in a mouth guard that has been molded according to your individual teeth. Not only does this protect you from blows and falls, but gives you the confidence to compete and reach your full potential as an athlete.

Whether you’re playing sports for recreational purposes or at a competitive level, it’s time to take the well-being of your mouth and teeth seriously. Contact us for this limited-time-only special of $49 for a custom fitted mouth guard in Washington.

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