Five ways you can help your child have a great first trip to your Tacoma dentist

Five ways you can help your child have a great first trip to your Tacoma dentist


Making your child’s first dental appointment a fun and positive experience isn’t just about having a happy trip – it helps establish that there’s nothing to fear from the dentist, something that is key to a lifetime of great oral health. Here are some great tips on achieving this:

  • Start early: Six months to a year old is the ideal age to start visiting the dentist – even if your child does not have any teeth visible yet. You’ll keep your child on your lap during the examination to make him/her feel secure. Your dentist will check the condition of your child’s gums, look for emerging teeth and give you any advice you need on how to start a daily dental care routine
  • Choose a family dentist: Family dental practices like Distinctive Dentistry work hard to build a connection with young patients by keeping them entertained during treatment and offering a child-friendly environment. This will help your child to relax and enjoy treatment, helping to build great oral health habits.
  • Bring a security blanket: Dental practices are unfamiliar places for your child, filled with strange faces, smells and sounds. A security blanket or favorite toy from home will help keep your child feeling safe and confident in this new environment.
  • Don’t rush: On the day of your appointment, try to make the trip as easy and stress-free as possible. Leave with plenty of time to spare and arrive early so you can introduce your child to staff without feeling rushed or stressed. Your confidence will rub off on your child, making him or her relax and enjoy this new experience.
  • Be excited: If you see your child’s first trip to the dentist as a fun event, he/she will too. Chat to your child throughout the procedure, pointing out different things and giving them lots of cuddles. Even if your child doesn’t understand exactly what you’re talking about, he/she will pick up on your tone and learn that going to the dentist isn’t something to be anxious about.

At Distinctive Dentistry, we have a dedicated team of oral health practitioners ready to assist you and your family in achieving exceptional dental health. We work hard to not only bring you the latest technology and solutions, but to make sure your experience is comfortable, positive and affordable. To book an appointment or find out more about our family dentistry services, please contact us today.

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