What Is The Benefit Of An Electric Toothbrush?

What Is The Benefit Of An Electric Toothbrush?

Why would your family dentist recommend an electric toothbrush?

• An electric toothbrush facilitates more thorough oral hygiene.

Why is an electric toothbrush more effective?

• There is a tendency for many of us to brush TOO HARD when we brush our teeth manually. This can damage the gums and lead to degradation of tooth enamel.

• The bristles on a manual toothbrush don’t necessarily remove all of the plaque and tartar built up between the teeth. Electric toothbrushes provide superior plaque removal. This is accomplished through the combination of motion and equal pressure from the brush.

• An electric toothbrush’s rotating head has bristles which can reach further. This enables the user to clean hard to reach places that we often miss with manual brushing. Eliminating the plaque and particles lodged in the crevices of the teeth means healthier teeth and gums, and fresher breath.

• Oftentimes, those who brush manually do a good job on one side of their mouth, but are less thorough on the opposite side. For example, a right handed person may clean the left side of their mouth fairly well, but then may miss areas on the right side of the mouth simply due to the angles that can be hard to reach by the hand on the same side.

• Electronic toothbrushes are generally programmed to ensure each quadrant of your mouth receives a better, longer, more effective tooth-brushing.

The friendly and efficient team at Distinctive Dentistry work together to ensure you have the best oral health available. This includes attention to detail in the fundamental elements of good oral hygiene, and keeping abreast of cutting edge technology. Our staff can show you how to properly use electronic toothbrushes, if you choose this option to enhance your oral hygiene routine.

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