What is CTX4, and why should I use it?

What is CTX4, and why should I use it?

CTX4, formally known as Phlourigel

CTX4, formally known as Phlourigel, is a 1% sodium fluoride gel that contains xylitol. Fluoride and xylitol are important in the prevention of dental caries.  It has a neutral pH balance and is superior to many over the counter brands of toothpaste.

The primary goal of CTX4 is to prevent tooth decay. Your Distinctive Dentistry hygiene team recommends use daily as part of your daily oral care routine, or as otherwise specified by Dr. Granlund based on your individual needs.  It has also been found to reduce sensitivity when used as prescribed.

CTX4 is an exclusive product made by Oral Biotech. It is prescription strength and cannot be bought over the counter.  Distinctive Dentistry carries it in the office and we highly recommend it due to the success we see with our patients.

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