5 signs you should visit your Tacoma dentist for oral cancer screening

5 signs you should visit your Tacoma dentist for oral cancer screening


A visit to your Tacoma dentist could just help you overcome the ever-present threat of oral cancer. While this seems like a bold statement to make, the truth is that our team of dentists is highly knowledgeable and has the necessary skills and compassion to recognize the smallest signs of cancer, which could potentially save your life.

The problem is people are hesitant to visit a dentist unless there is something definitely wrong. Whether it is as a result of fear or the fact that we can’t see anything wrong, Americans are hesitant to visit the dentist. This article may not change that perspective, but it will point out 5 signs that should set alarm bells ringing in your mind, hopefully prompting you to go and have an oral cancer screening.

What to look out for…

Here are 5 signs that should prompt a visit to our staff for an oral cancer screening:

  • Bleeding gums: Healthy gums don’t bleed. Look out for blood in your food or on your toothbrush, these are places you are likely to see traces of blood.
  • Bad breath: Despite the fact it is embarrassing, bad breath can be indicative of more serious problems. If the problem persists you should visit a dentist as a matter of urgency.
  • Pain: Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Dental pain is almost always a sign you need to visit a dentist. Heed the call to prevent a serious diagnosis going undetected.
  • Lumps or bumps that persist: A burn from hot pizza or coffee will be visible for a few days, however any lump, bump or ulcer that persists for more than 2 weeks should always be evaluated professionally by a dentist. Associated symptoms: If you find you become violently ill at unusual times, but cannot track down the cause, a visit to the dentist may be in order.

Contact us if you have experienced a combination, all, or one of the symptoms above. Our clients are always satisfied with the work of our team of dentists. Don’t delay – early detection could make all the difference.

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