Ultrasonic scaling from Tacoma dentists offers patients exceptional results

Ultrasonic scaling from Tacoma dentists offers patients exceptional results


The use of ultrasonic scale by Tacoma dentists and hygienists remains one of the most effective procedures for treating gum disease. This unit is designed with a wand which features a small scaling tip at the end. The scaling will produce a soft ultrasonic vibration with incredibly gentle water flow that will help to break up and loosen any built up calculus from the teeth.

In order to effectively treat periodontal disease, the removal or bacteria and tartar on the tooth’s surface is an important step. The dental team at Distinctive Dentistry focuses their efforts on ensuring that they help control periodontal disease. One of the many reasons behind this procedure’s incredible popularity is that your dental hygienist can easily perform this crucial procedure in the comfort of the practice, without having to send you from one facility to the next.

How Does Ultrasonic Scaling Work?

The ultrasonic scaling device operates mechanically. It will release high vibrational energy which crushes and removes calculus from and between the teeth. Other actions it can perform include creating shockwaves that effectively disrupt bacterial cells. It will also use turbulence to disrupt biofilms and irrigation. This simply refers to the therapeutic washing and flushing of the root surface and periodontal pocket with cooling water.

Its specially designed tips are able to effectively penetrate deep into the periodontal pockets helping with the removal of the calculus. It is also more effective at being able to clean difficult areas such as areas where the roots will join each other in multi-rooted teeth. When this technology is used correctly, it will also be kinder to the tooth’s surface. This becomes very important in repeated cleanings.

If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of ultrasonic scaling, contact Distinctive Dentistry and speak to your Tacoma dentist today.

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