How to take care of your dental crown – Tacoma cosmetic dentistry advice

How to take care of your dental crown – Tacoma cosmetic dentistry advice

Dental crowns are a cosmetic dentistry product often recommended to patients who have a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed. Made of porcelain and designed to perfectly fit with the rest of your natural, healthy teeth, these caps completely cover your damaged tooth, restoring your smile as well as the functionality of your mouth. Looking after your dental crown does require some special care.

First, although the crown itself is resistant to tooth decay and cavities, the remainder of your tooth right at the gum line will still be vulnerable. This means you will have to floss and brush around your crown as you would around your other teeth.

Crowns can become damaged or loose. If this happens, don’t try to put the crown back into your mouth. Book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible and take any pieces of the crown with you. Often, a new crown will have to be made, but the old one can be used to first discover why the problem occurred and use the crown to help create a temporary for your new crown.

Once the new crown is made, your cosmetic dentist will cement the crown in place.

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