A general dentist in Washington advises on the use of dentures

  Loss of teeth due to old age, decay, and/or disease can be quite a challenging experience. Dentures, when installed by experienced dentists in Washington, have been a reliable and sought after dental rehabilitation treatment plan for quite some time and for good reason. Full or partial tooth loss does not only affect ones sense…

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Five reasons you should invest in a mouth guard

  If you live in the Washington area and have a child who plays sports (or you take part in sporting activities yourself), it is worth your while to invest in a custom fitted mouth guard. Here are five reasons why: Best protection: Wearing a mouth guard is one of the best ways to prevent…

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Why you need a customized mouth guard

  When it comes to custom fitted mouth guards in Washington, Distinctive Dentistry offers the best protection at a great price. We are currently running a special where we will examine your mouth and take an impression that will be used to create a custom mouth guard that will protect your teeth during sports activity….

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Why dental implants are a healthy choice

While no procedure is 100% risk-free, dental implants have been found to be a very safe and healthy tooth replacement choice. Having been around in modern dentistry since the 1980s, it has been estimated over 7 million implant procedures have been performed globally. As technology has advanced,  this solution has become more refined and more…

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Sealants mean a strong, healthy future for your child’s teeth

  Dental sealants have become very popular in children’s dentistry, as they help prevent cavities from forming. Applied as the permanent teeth appear, this plastic coating covers the chewing surfaces of the teeth, acting as a barrier between the enamel and the bacteria in our mouths. Children between six and 14 years old are especially…

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Oral cancer symptoms and treatments – and why an annual scan is essential!

  When confronted with the term ‘cancer,’ the majority of people quiver with fear. This dreaded disease may remain incurable, but in many cases, early detection is enough to overcome the illness. Unfortunately, there remains a certain level of ignorance regarding the threat and danger of oral cancer. More ‘mainstream’ cancers, such as those affecting…

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At what age should you start having oral cancer screening?

  Oral cancer is a threat we all face, yet very few of us take the necessary actions to prevent what can be a very painful and potentially deadly illness. While we are inundated with information about the many ways we can fight other cancers, the mouth is often overlooked when it comes to health…

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April is oral cancer screening month! Find out about preventative measures, risk factors and treatment

  It’s nearly April, which means that our team in Tacoma is gearing up for oral cancer screening month. Our staff gets fired up for this month, because they genuinely believe prevention is better than cure. With increased awareness about the threats that oral cancer can bring, we have the chance to save more people…

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