Oral cancer symptoms and treatments – and why an annual scan is essential!

  When confronted with the term ‘cancer,’ the majority of people quiver with fear. This dreaded disease may remain incurable, but in many cases, early detection is enough to overcome the illness. Unfortunately, there remains a certain level of ignorance regarding the threat and danger of oral cancer. More ‘mainstream’ cancers, such as those affecting…

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At what age should you start having oral cancer screening?

  Oral cancer is a threat we all face, yet very few of us take the necessary actions to prevent what can be a very painful and potentially deadly illness. While we are inundated with information about the many ways we can fight other cancers, the mouth is often overlooked when it comes to health…

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April is oral cancer screening month! Find out about preventative measures, risk factors and treatment

  It’s nearly April, which means that our team in Tacoma is gearing up for oral cancer screening month. Our staff gets fired up for this month, because they genuinely believe prevention is better than cure. With increased awareness about the threats that oral cancer can bring, we have the chance to save more people…

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