Let’s talk about different types of sedation dentistry and patient comfort techniques

Did you know that sedation dentistry is just one of the ways to make a trip to your dentist an anxiety-free one? Here, we’ll examine the full range of patient comfort techniques and their effectiveness: Oral sedation: Benzodiazepines, usually in pill or capsule form, are a very effective moderate strength sedative. They give patients a…

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Is sedation dentistry safe?

Although sedation dentistry sounds like a one-size-fits-all to anxiety inducing treatments, it’s important to know that every sedative carries a risk. Fortunately, benzodiazepines used to sedate patients are very safe, non-addictive and reliable. They provide patients with a calm, dream-like experience of their dental treatment that is pain-free and often results in the patient forgetting…

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The advantages and possible side effects of sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry has become more popular than ever with  dentists and patients alike. Here’s why: No more anxiety: With sedation dentistry, dentists are able to use safe, effective oral or IV medication to help patients who are nervous or fearful of dental treatment. This makes it easier to do the best job possible on a…

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Why more and more young professionals are choosing Invisalign® invisible braces

For many people, braces are something experienced by adolescents and teenagers, but in recent years, more and more young professionals are visiting dental practices to have misaligned teeth straightened with the latest orthodontic tools. The products of choice are Invisalign invisible braces – and the reasons are clear: Little impact on daily life: Unlike traditional…

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Oral cancer symptoms and treatments – and why an annual scan is essential!

  When confronted with the term ‘cancer,’ the majority of people quiver with fear. This dreaded disease may remain incurable, but in many cases, early detection is enough to overcome the illness. Unfortunately, there remains a certain level of ignorance regarding the threat and danger of oral cancer. More ‘mainstream’ cancers, such as those affecting…

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A dental implant specialist in Fife explains All-on-4

One of the most exciting things about dentistry today is the wave of new technology and techniques that are making professional dental services and surgeries more efficient, comfortable, and successful. Although the range of services we offer is extensive, the procedure that is generating the most excitement among dental experts and consumers alike is All-on-4…

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The top 3 benefits of All-on-4

Dentistry is one of the world’s fastest-moving industries when it comes to technological growth and procedural development, as is evidenced by the All-on-4 surgery. Essentially what happens is that we replace an entire row of teeth with a fixed denture, solidly anchored by 4 medical grade titanium implants. This modern option offers many benefits over…

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At what age should you start having oral cancer screening?

  Oral cancer is a threat we all face, yet very few of us take the necessary actions to prevent what can be a very painful and potentially deadly illness. While we are inundated with information about the many ways we can fight other cancers, the mouth is often overlooked when it comes to health…

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The All-on-4 process: Is it viable, long term?

The All-on-4 procedure is revolutionizing the world of modern dentistry, and proven success rates are a leading reason. The procedure involves the replacement of either one or both arches of teeth – the row of teeth in your top or bottom jaw – so that a fixed denture can be placed. This new set of…

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