Six Tacoma Cosmetic Procedures that are good for your dental health

A smile can express an emotion, a feeling, a thought, that a whole compendium of literary works cannot communicate as effectively.  More and more people are seeking the help of cosmetic dentists, such as prosthodontist Dr Keith Phillips of Tacoma, to enhance their smiles and boost their self-esteem.  Here are six popular cosmetic dentistry procedures:…

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Gaps, Cracks or Stains on your Teeth? Tacoma dentists offer Porcelain Veneers as the Answer.

Porcelain veneers are popular because of their versatility, strength and natural appearance, making them a good choice for many people who want to enhance their looks and gain confidence, often with as little as two dental visits! With proper care and practicing good dental hygiene, veneers can last 10 years or more, making them a…

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What to look for when choosing a dentist to perform your cosmetic dentistry in Tacoma

Cosmetic dentistry involves crowns, teeth whitening, veneers, tooth straightening and several other procedures. This should be undertaken by a well-trained dentist, who inspires complete patient confidence. Not all dentists are equally qualified to perform cosmetic procedures although they include it on their list of services here are some important tips on what to look for…

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A dental implant specialist in Fife explains All-on-4

One of the most exciting things about dentistry today is the wave of new technology and techniques that are making professional dental services and surgeries more efficient, comfortable, and successful. Although the range of services we offer is extensive, the procedure that is generating the most excitement among dental experts and consumers alike is All-on-4…

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The top 3 benefits of All-on-4

Dentistry is one of the world’s fastest-moving industries when it comes to technological growth and procedural development, as is evidenced by the All-on-4 surgery. Essentially what happens is that we replace an entire row of teeth with a fixed denture, solidly anchored by 4 medical grade titanium implants. This modern option offers many benefits over…

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The All-on-4 process: Is it viable, long term?

The All-on-4 procedure is revolutionizing the world of modern dentistry, and proven success rates are a leading reason. The procedure involves the replacement of either one or both arches of teeth – the row of teeth in your top or bottom jaw – so that a fixed denture can be placed. This new set of…

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What is All-on-4?

All-on-4, also called Teeth Replacement in a Day, is a revolutionary dental procedure that is dramatically improving the quality of life for people who require advanced dental reconstruction. This amazing operation involves the replacement of a full upper and/or lower arch of teeth and the subsequent insertion of a fully customized fixed denture which is…

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