Mouth guards and sport safety – advice from Tacoma dentists

Mouth guards and sport safety – advice from Tacoma dentists


Whether you play sports recreationally on weekends or compete in a local or national sports team, custom fitted mouth guards from Tacoma dentists can give you the protection you need. While helmets, knee pads and other protective gear is a must, it often happens that players forget to protect one of the most delicate parts of their bodies – their teeth.

An important thing to remember is that it’s not only MMA fighters, boxers or hockey players that need to wear mouth guards, virtually any physical sport can put your teeth in harm’s way. A few years ago, a dental newsletter published what seemed like an unusual story – a boy snagged his teeth on a basketball net while doing a slam dunk. This might seem like a freak accident, but soon after the article was published, many dentists wrote about their own experience of patients losing teeth in sports (or actions) that most people would consider safe.

According to research by Colgate, between 13% and 39% of dental injuries occur while playing sports. While sports are a great physical pastime and activity that should be enjoyed by everyone – it’s important to do it safely.

It is for this reason our dental practice in Tacoma is running a special. In support of local high school students and their athletics, we will do a courtesy exam and supply your high school student with a custom fitted mouth guard for only $49 (valued at $230). We use a pressurized mold, created to fit their jaw and teeth shape perfectly, to ensure accuracy and superior protection. Contact us for this mouth guard special in Tacoma today.

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