Five reasons you should invest in a mouth guard

Five reasons you should invest in a mouth guard


If you live in the Washington area and have a child who plays sports (or you take part in sporting activities yourself), it is worth your while to invest in a custom fitted mouth guard. Here are five reasons why:

  • Best protection: Wearing a mouth guard is one of the best ways to prevent injury to your teeth, tongue and lips as it creates a cushion barrier between your teeth and any elbow,  baseball or other object that might come into contact with them during activity.
  • Statistically, it makes sense: Between 13% and 39% of dental injuries occur while playing sports, according to research by Colgate. If you are physical active, you need to make sure you are protecting your teeth.
  • Repairing your smile will cost more than a mouth guard: Our team of dentists in Washington is currently running a special for custom fitted mouth guards. For local high school students, we’re offering a free exam and a mouth guard fitted to your teeth for $49 (the mouth guard is valued at $230) for a limited time only. Dental surgery and implants will cost you much more if you were to lose a number of teeth during an accident, so it is important to invest in prevention.
  • Optimal comfort: The mouth guards we create aren’t made according to the “boil and bite” method. We use a pressurized, technologically advanced process to create a mouth guard according to your jaw, bite and teeth. Not only do these mouth guards feel better in the mouth, but they also allow you to breathe easily.
  • Ideal for all sports: An injury to your teeth can happen in an instant. The custom fitted mouth guards we offer are ideal for all types of sports, including football, basketball, softball, baseball, rugby, hockey, soccer, or lacrosse as well as any contact sport such as wrestling, boxing, martial arts and more.

Take advantage of our mouth guard special today. Contact us for more information on custom fitted mouth guards in Washington.

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