Family dentistry in Puyallup: Why it’s important to include fluoride in your child’s diet and dental treatment

Family dentistry in Puyallup: Why it’s important to include fluoride in your child’s diet and dental treatment

Fluoride is a mineral found in different foods as well as your water supply in varying amounts. It plays an important role in preventing tooth decay, as it helps strengthen the outer layer of enamel on each of your teeth. It also helps to repair damage done by the acid the harmful bacteria in your mouth produce, preventing the enamel from being eaten away to form cavities.

While cavity protection is a priority for anyone’s dental health, it’s especially vital for children between six months and 16 years. During this time, your child will get his/her primary and permanent teeth and it’s important to help these teeth become as strong as possible. Not only is it more difficult for children to properly clean their teeth, these teeth – especially the molars – have very pronounced grooves in their surface, trapping food particles more easily than mature adult teeth.

How your Puyallup family dentist can help your child fight cavities

At Distinctive Dentistry, our priority is making your child’s dental care as fun and effective as possible, helping to establish healthy habits and using the latest technology to ensure comfortable, quality treatment.

In order to ensure your child has the best start when it comes to dental health, start his or her visits to our children’s dentist at around a year old – even if his or her teeth are not yet showing. This will help your dentist to map your child’s progress and detect any upcoming teeth as well as give you any advice you may need on establishing a daily homecare routine.

During your child’s regular checkup, your dental hygienist will apply a fluoride gel to your child’s teeth, supplementing his or her intake of this important mineral. Your dentist can also apply dental sealants to the grooves in your child’s permanent teeth – a painless process of coating each tooth for highly effective cavity protection.

If you’d like more information on taking care of your child’s dental hygiene or would like to book an appointment at our dental practice, please contact us today.

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