Dental Implants or Tooth Replacement in Tacoma, WA

Dental Implants or Tooth Replacement in Tacoma, WA

There are few dental problems worse than losing a tooth. Whether it occurs when you are young or old, whether the cause is facial trauma, malnutrition, gum disease or simply old age, tooth loss can fully destroy your dental health if not treated in a timely manner. Fortunately, there is now an option to not only curb the effects of tooth loss but also restore the function and aesthetic appeal of your smile. If you would like to experience the benefits of the highly effective solution of dental implants in Tacoma, WA, look no further than our Distinctive Dentistry office.

Dental implants consist of an artificial tooth placed onto a titanium post, which is surgically implanted into your jaw bone to serve as a replacement tooth root. Medical-grade titanium is the material of choice for this procedure, as its biocompatible properties allow for easy fusion to bone and a natural fit hereafter. The visible portion of the tooth is typically replaced with a single dental crown. When a series or all of your teeth are missing, dental implants can also be utilized to stabilize a bridge or removable dentures.

Despite the fact that dental implants require an extensive surgical procedure, being able to speak, smile and eat with ease is well worth the time and effort. The process is as follows:

  1. Your bone is evaluated for adequate bone and gum tissue to hold the implant. If so, a local anesthetic is applied onto the affected area and the titanium post is surgically implanted.
  2. After a healing period of approximately 6 months, during which your custom crown is fabricated, the artificial tooth is fused to its root and the process is complete.

Specializing in restorative dentistry, our team is fully equipped with the knowledge, experience and sophisticated office to restore flawed smiles using the most innovative techniques available today. Our lead dentist Dr. Keith Phillips is the only Board Certified prosthodontist in the area, recently obtaining a Certified Dental Technician credential for his specialization in dental implants. These and many other elements make us your top choice for performing your implant work.

If you have lost one or more of your teeth and would like to schedule a consultation about dental implants in Tacoma, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Phillips at Distinctive Dentistry today. Distinctive Dentistry is conveniently located 0.6 mile off of I-5 Fife exit on Valley Avenue East near All Saints School and Fife Milton Edgewood Food Bank in Fife, Tacoma, WA.

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