Three ways your Tacoma cosmetic dentist can improve your smile

Three ways your Tacoma cosmetic dentist can improve your smile

Dental Hygiene ServicesEveryone wants to have a bright and confident smile, but not everyone was born with perfect teeth. Luckily, there are cosmetic dentists and professional dental hygienists that can help you achieve the perfect smile, regardless of what you were born with.

If you want to be able to flash your smile without feeling shy or embarrassed then it’s time to seek professional advice and Distinctive Dentistry is just the place.

Let your cosmetic dentist improve your smile in the following ways:

When visiting your cosmetic dentist you have to place absolute faith and trust in their methods. At our offices in Tacoma, Washington, you can expect us to offer you the following treatments:

  • Teeth whitening – this is a process whereby the stains on your teeth are removed. This type of treatment certainly goes a long way to refurbishing your dazzling smile.
  • Dental implants – if you have teeth missing, or would like them replaced, implants are a great option. This way you can achieve the perfect smile that is guaranteed to last.
  • Professional cleaning – this involves the services of a qualified dental hygienist. You should have your teeth cleaned at least twice yearly for a bright and healthy smile.

Dental health is of course vitally important. There are various things you can do at home too, to ensure your teeth remain cavity free and in excellent condition, such as brushing at least twice a day, flossing regularly and eating foods that won’t negatively affect your teeth. Calcium-rich foods such as milk and other dairy products, tap water (fluoridated), fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and sugar-free chewing gum sweetened with xylitol are good dietary choices.

Remember to visit your dentist at least once every six months. For professional and affordable general dentistry services in Washington, turn to us at Distinctive Dentistry.

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