Same Day Crowns

The technology now exists to offer patients single-visit dental restorations. It’s no longer necessary to wait months for restorations and undergo multiple appointments. Same day crowns were unheard of just a few years ago. However, this cutting edge technology is changing the way crowns are installed, and how metal crowns can quickly be replaced. To…

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Ultrasonic Scaling as Part of Dental Treatment

What is Ultrasonic scaling?      “Scaling” is the removal of hard deposits on the surface of the tooth.      When bacteria in the mouth builds up into plaque and tartar on the teeth, it may cause the gums to become inflamed and pull away from the teeth. This can create pockets filled with…

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Dental Emergencies (Part 1 of 2)

What constitutes a Dental Emergency?   Any type of serious injury to the lips, mouth, cheek, or tongue is a dental emergency. You should call your family dentist immediately if you have any of the following symptoms: If you have been hit in the mouth, or hit your mouth hard on something.      …

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Toothbrush replacement

Summer is officially here! How about starting a tradition of replacing your family’s toothbrushes at the beginning of each new season? Here’s why: Over time, toothbrush bristles become warn and frayed. When this happens, they are less effective at cleaning. The changes can be so subtle as to only be seen under a microscope, and…

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Dental Health Basics for K-6 Kids

The years when kids are in elementary school are very important, in terms of setting the stage for a lifetime of good oral health. Baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth, many kids are actively engaged in sports, and the sphere of influence in kids’ choices broadens dramatically. So let’s look at a few common…

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Are Dental Implants Created Equal?

When choosing dental implants for our patients, there are thousands from which to choose from and that number continues to rise. How does a dentist decide how to choose the right system for patients? The answer is a complex combination of mechanics, chemistry, physics, research, training, and experience. First and foremost, we choose dental implants…

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Tri-College Day – 3/6/2015

Event: Tri-College Day, sponsored by Pierre Fauchard Academy, International College of Dentists, and American College of Dentists, Seattle Date: March 6, 2015 Role/Description: Lecture: Fixed Removable Hybrids Information:

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General Dentist Lecture – Portland OR – 3/19

Event: General Dentist Lecture Date:  March 19, 2015 Role/Description: Lecture to area general dentists: Joining the Evolution — Simplicity and Increased Predictability in Modern Implant Dentistry Information: To Register: Steven Erickson at 781-810-6633 or

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Our Patients Love The Dental Care They Get Here

Welcome back to the Distinctive Dentistry Blog. We are celebrating this Valentine’s month by sharing some wonderful words that our patients have shared in testimonials. What we would like you to notice is a common theme of not just great dental care, but also how often they expressed that they were taken care of by…

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