Sedation Dentistry – Nitrous Oxide | Dr. Keith Phillips

Dental anxiety is a common experience. Although most folks don’t readily admit it, the truth is, the main reason many people avoid seeing their family dentist is that they have fear of pain. Fortunately, both patient anxiety and pain that may arise during a procedure can be addressed through “sedation dentistry.” Nitrous oxide — commonly…

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Let’s talk about different types of sedation dentistry and patient comfort techniques

Did you know that sedation dentistry is just one of the ways to make a trip to your dentist an anxiety-free one? Here, we’ll examine the full range of patient comfort techniques and their effectiveness: Oral sedation: Benzodiazepines, usually in pill or capsule form, are a very effective moderate strength sedative. They give patients a…

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Is sedation dentistry safe?

Although sedation dentistry sounds like a one-size-fits-all to anxiety inducing treatments, it’s important to know that every sedative carries a risk. Fortunately, benzodiazepines used to sedate patients are very safe, non-addictive and reliable. They provide patients with a calm, dream-like experience of their dental treatment that is pain-free and often results in the patient forgetting…

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