Oral Health Tips for College Students

When heading to college for the first time, teenagers- now officially adults – often need to be reminded about the importance of their oral health. They are fully independent and living on their own for the first time, and many can develop bad habits or simply forget now that their parents are not there to…

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Dental Hygiene: The Answer to Bad Breath?

Nobody wants stinky breath, but not everyone knows how to handle the odor coming from his or her mouth. Halitosis, commonly known as “bad breath,” can be a sign of poor dental hygiene, gum disease, caries, a yeast infection of the mouth, or in some cases other health conditions such as kidney or liver problems….

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Tips from your Tacoma dentist: Follow a proper flossing technique and help your mouth stay healthy

Flossing once a day is an important part of maintaining your dental hygiene and oral health, removing plaque and food particles your toothbrush cannot reach. Many people avoid flossing, often because they feel it is ineffective, unnecessary or even painful if they have sensitive gums, but this is usually due to using the wrong flossing…

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