Amalgam vs. Composite Fillings – What You Should Know

Amalgam vs. Composite Fillings – What You Should Know

Dental hygiene these days is taken very seriously. We are all encouraged from an early age to value our teeth and take good care of them. In this day and age, having a tooth cavity filled is something that can present options to both the dentist and patient. Of course the final decision comes down to budget constraints and cosmetic desires.

There are two main choices offered to patients by a general dentist when it comes to cavity filling material:

  • Metal amalgam – this is a material which is the more traditional option. It is often referred to as a “silver filling” as this is what it looks like.
  • Resin based composite – this is a more natural looking filling material as it can be matched quite closely to the color of the tooth.

Which filling type is typically preferred by patients?

Dental amalgam is a material that is a blend of silver, tin, copper and mercury. This particular filling material is generally affordable, strong and durable. Resin composite filling material is is a mercury-free filling option and for those who want to ensure they look as natural as possible, as it mimics the appearance of real tooth material.

Generally speaking, a cosmetic dentist may recommend composite fillings because the material chemically and mechanically bonds to the tooth, requires less natural tooth structure reduction, and provides a natural appearance which is very important to the patient. If you need to have fillings done, it is best to chat with your cosmetic dentist about the options available to you and the benefits and process involved for each option. At Distinctive Dentistry we are standing by to assist you.

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