At what age should you start having oral cancer screening?

At what age should you start having oral cancer screening?


Oral cancer is a threat we all face, yet very few of us take the necessary actions to prevent what can be a very painful and potentially deadly illness. While we are inundated with information about the many ways we can fight other cancers, the mouth is often overlooked when it comes to health and hygiene.

Luckily you have found this article, which offers great advice, from leading dentists in Tacoma, about how best to avoid the threat of cancer, plus how to maintain an acceptable level of oral hygiene. Keep reading to find out when you should start having oral cancer screenings.

It’s never too late, or too early

Cancer is an illness that often takes many years to reveal itself. Early detection is the best way to combat the effects of oral cancer. It is imperative to get into the habit of screening for oral cancer from a young age; with early detection there are more treatment options and better results.  While detecting cancer in children is uncommon, as the disease may not present itself until later in life, creating a habit of regular checks will get both you and your children into the healthy habit, which will be of benefit later in life to help with the detection in early stages.

Another great tip is to ensure your team of dentists has the relevant experience and track record to give you the very best in care. While having one dentist is better than having none, the best solution is to put your faith in a team that really cares about you. As our testimonials suggest, we have the team and genuine compassion required to overcome any dental issue.

Lastly, always ask. The world of dentistry is difficult to understand and if you are afraid to ask, it may be difficult for your dentist to diagnose potential threatening issues. Once you have built a relationship with one of our doctors, you will feel sufficiently comfortable to open up and hopefully, with the help of our team, prevent oral cancer.

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