A general dentist in Washington advises on the use of dentures

A general dentist in Washington advises on the use of dentures


Loss of teeth due to old age, decay, and/or disease can be quite a challenging experience. Dentures, when installed by experienced dentists in Washington, have been a reliable and sought after dental rehabilitation treatment plan for quite some time and for good reason.

Full or partial tooth loss does not only affect ones sense of self, but can also have adverse nutritional and health effects. Those who have lost teeth will find they struggle with mastication, saliva control, speech and swallowing. Depending on how many teeth are missing, the contours of the face can also be adversely affected. Dentures will provide better control of these particular functions and when properly and securely installed, you can enjoy restored facial contours too.

Dentures are a great rehabilitation and restorative treatment for those who wish to enjoy a good appearance and functionality.

How do dentures restore facial contours?

A plastic resin gum-colored base is created to fit over the bone that previously supported the teeth which are now missing. Fake or prosthetic teeth are created to fit into this base and look just like normal teeth. They can be designed to replicate the same bite and appearance of your natural teeth, to ensure comfort. Their positioning will ensure the contours of your face are restored.

It is essential your dentures are fitted correctly if you want your new teeth to hold the natural contours of your face. It might feel unusual at first but the ligaments, muscles and nerves in the mouth will learn to work with the new device and ensure you can eat, speak, swallow and look normal once more.

At Distinctive Dentistry we offer to design and fit full or partial dentures in Washington. Our experienced and skilled dentists will ensure your dental care needs are taken care of.

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